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A.K. Wigg Staff 2018-19 Tentative School Organization

Please note that this organization is tentative and is based on enrolment, which may vary and could result in adjustments to grade assignments and/or classes in September.

Kindergarten—Mrs. Bradley & Mrs. Murray
Kindergarten– Mrs. Iannizzi & Mrs. Sawatzky
Grade 1– Ms. Hotham
Grade 1/2– Mrs. Cunningham
Grade 2/3– Mrs. Breadner
Grade 3– Mrs. Young
Grade 4– Mr. Eliopoulos
Grade 4/5- Mrs. Stefaniuk
Grade 5/6- Mrs. Brown
Grade 6/7- Mr. Triano
Grade 7– Mrs. Shepard
Grade 7/8– Mr. Hildebrandt
Grade 8– Ms. Tennier
Prep– Mr. Kurland
Learning Resource Teacher– Mrs. Fucile
Music/Prep- Ms. Abraham
Library/Prep– Mr. Droppert
Core French– Mr. Arseneau
Core French/Prep- TBD
Educational Assistant– Ms. Schoonings
Educational Assistant– Ms. Robins
Noon Hour Supervisor - Mrs. Labriciossa
Noon Hour Supervisor - TBD
Instructional Coach– Ms. Hilliker
Youth Counsellor– Mrs. Hofland
Head Caretaker– Mrs. Bedard
Evening Caretaker- Ms. Somerville
Administrative Assistant– Mrs. Nicholas
Principal– Ms. Zwolak